Trend Watch: Wide Leg Trousers

Images sourced from Pinterest and Sassique
One of the main items of clothing that I have been lusting after the moment is wide leg, loose fit trousers. I actually tried on the perfect pair of striped ones in H&M which fitted like a dream but stupidly left them behind which I have regretted ever since. My friend even went back the next day because she knew how much I loved them but my size was all gone. 

The main reasons I've been loving these trousers is because I feel that they add an instant air of elegance and sophistication to an outfit and they are also a staple piece to have for summer in the UK, where it isn't always warm enough to wear a skirt or pair of shorts. Additionally, they would be easy to style for day or night and are an alternative to culottes if you prefer. Luckily for me, there is such an extensive range available on the high street currently varying from basic colours to vibrant patterns so I thought I would share some of my finds with you today.

Current Trend: Wide Leg Trousers

My personal favourites are a high waisted fit as they elongate they legs, especially when worn with heels, and would look great paired with a crop top. I also think striped ones are just gorgeous but equally H&M and Boohoo have the perfect boho patterns on offer which would fit right into anybody's holiday wardrobe. As these wide leg trousers seem to be everywhere right now, I will hopefully find a pair to rival my left-behind H&M ones. We will see...!

What spring/summer product are you wishing for most right now?

Choccywoccydoodah Café

Chocolate lovers this one is for you, so if you're a healthy eater only you may want to click away now as this could be enough to tempt you! 

On Friday, my friend Livvy and I were trying to make a decision of where to go for lunch whilst shopping when I remembered the hidden gem Choccywoccydoodah located just off Carnaby Street on Foubert's Place opposite MAC. This place is essentially how it sounds - chocolate heaven. I knew of Choccywoccydoodah previously as my 18th birthday cake was made by them (see here) but I haven't heard much about their café apart from seeing a few Instagram photos and only discovered it was actually there sometime late last year. To make a change from the usual places we'd visit for lunch, we decided to go in.

The café is situated on the first floor of the shop and is a relatively small space yet not cramped at all, making a nice change from some of the other super-packed places to eat that you come across in London. It is decorated with some pretty quirky furniture and has lots of character about it. As you'd expect, the menu - given to you on a big chalkboard - strictly consists of sweet options including milkshakes and slices of cake. We were told that their most popular options are the hot chocolate and the dipping platter.

ASOS Channels For Love and Lemons Lingerie

I have spoken a lot about ASOS recently, I know, but it honestly is one of my favourite places to shop at the moment so I find myself browsing on their site quite often and I just love it. As I was scrolling through the 'New In' section I was stopped in my tracks when I came across some bras and knew I had to share them as they reminded me instantly of the brand For Love and Lemons.

For those who don't know, For Love and Lemons is a lifestyle brand which sells a gorgeous range of clothing and lingerie most recognisable by the lace and embroidery used on many pieces. I always see this brand on Instagram (@forloveandlemons) with their beautiful images being reposted and people going mad for the lingerie so when I saw these ASOS 'dupes' for a fraction of the price I immediately thought "blog post".

For Love and Lemons 'Bat Your Lashes' bra in Highlighter Yellow

New In: NARS Make Up

Sometime during last week when I was stressing about finishing my assignment I found myself on ASOS and conveniently they had up to 30% off on beauty products. Feeling in the mood to treat myself I purchased two items from NARS which I have been longing to try.

The main reason I actually went ahead with the purchase is because the Radiant Creamy Concealer was in stock and had 10% off. I have heard SO much about this product and apparently it's usually quite difficult to find in my shade 'Vanilla' due to the popularity. I colour-matched myself by googling swatches and reading descriptions and though I would usually be afraid of getting make up online I was pretty sure it would be fine plus I believe you can return unused products on ASOS. The shade 'Vanilla' turned out the be perfect for me, it's a fair colour with slight pinky tones and just a touch lighter than my skin tone. I've used this concealer a couple of times now and I completely understand the hype around it. It glides on so nicely and feels really light and creamy (as the name suggests) yet gives a great amount of coverage and is the best I've used for dark circles under my eyes so far. I think that pairing this with the Bobbi Brown Corrector would be the perfect under-eye combination meaning I'm super tempted to repurchase that as I've run out. Though I haven't been using this product for long, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try it.

My First Year at University

Just yesterday I handed in my last assignment for my first year at university, which feels crazy to say as it seems like only yesterday I was just starting. I thought I would do a blog post about this as not only is university obviously a huge part of my life right now but also my course is fashion-related and I know that people are often interested as to what it involves plus it will give anybody who wants to do a similar course some more insight. Heads up, this might be a bit of a wordy post but I'm going to try and make it as concise as possible! 

First things first, the course I am studying is BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing/Management at the University of Southampton. I believe the entry requirements for this course were ABB at A-Level (though this information can be checked on the website) and previously I had studied no fashion/marketing/business-related subjects. At A-Level I studied Media Studies, Psychology, and Spanish so there's no need to worry if you think you should've taken Textiles or Business Studies. Though these subjects may give you slightly more knowledge to begin with but as long as you're interested in studying this subject and are willing to learn then you should be absolutely fine.

Before I begin speaking about my course I thought I would speak generally about starting university. As I live close I decided to stay living at home which means I travel to uni on the train each day which takes about 30 minutes. For me, this experience is fine and I'm completely used to it now. I've never had a problem with travelling via train and because I always bring something to read with me it doesn't seem like long at all. If this is something you are considering but are worried you will be the only one/you will miss out then I don't believe it has really affected me in a huge way and I know others on my course who also live at home too (and travel further than me). My main piece of advice for starting first year is to just talk to people as everybody is in the same position, if you live at home you may have to make a little extra effort as you're not living in accommodation with everybody else but ultimately you will make friends just as easily from my experience and it doesn't take too long before you're settled into the routine. I would also say that another good tip is you need to manage your time well but don't put a huge amount of pressure on yourself, you can still have fun and first year doesn't count.

Onto my course specifically, when people ask me what I'm studying and I say "Fashion Management and Marketing" I get a LOT of replies like "so, are you designing clothes and stuff?". The answer is no. The clue is sort of in the name. I chose this course because I wanted to get into the business side of the fashion industry, I think people often just assume design is the only route available but that is absolutely not the case.  Fashion Management/Marketing still requires creativity but this is balanced with being business-minded too. As reading about modules online can be a bit tedious sometimes I thought I'd give a brief description of what areas I've studied this year to explain what the course involves.

Met Gala 2015 Style Favourites

Today marks the beginning of my last week of my first year at university, so with my final deadline of the year looming I haven't had a lot of spare time on my hands which is why this blog post is a week late. I couldn't pass up on the chance to share my favourite looks from this year's Met Gala though,  despite the fact that everybody has most likely seen them everywhere already.

The Met Gala is one of my favourite events to style-stalk celebrities as everybody goes all-out to look incredibly glamorous. This year the museum was celebrating the opening of the China: Through the Looking Glass Exhibition and as always many of the attendants dressed impeccably. The overall trends I spotted were plunge-necks, florals, and embellishment (plus extra points for a bold lip colour) and let's just say there were definitely some questionable choices but the best ones made up for it!  Here are the gowns that I was admired the most: 

My absolute favourite look from the evening was Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in this gorgeous Atelier Versace gown - when does Rosie not look incredible though? An understated dress compared to some (cough, Rihanna, cough) but I thought she looked stunning and love the cut of this dress, which shows off her perfect figure.