Drinks at The Shard

New In: Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may know that last Monday (the 13th) was my birthday. This year, I couldn't come up with many ideas of what I wanted as a present when people asked (side note: is it just me who always seems to want things until birthdays or christmas come around?) but there was a few Charlotte Tilbury makeup bits that I have had my eye on. 

Charlotte Tilbury is by far one of my favourite makeup brands and has been since I purchased my first item, the 'Uptown Girl' palette, back in late 2013. You aren't just paying a high price for the luxurious rose gold packaging as lovely as it is, but Charlotte Tilbury's products are actually worth every penny as they just do their job fabulously. The quality is consistently incredible, the colours are carefully selected to suit different skin tones/eye colours, and everything I've tried lasts really well. I received three new products from Charlotte Tilbury for my birthday, so I thought I would give mini reviews on each of them as although I've only been using them for a week and a bit, I have definitely formed opinions on them already.

The Oversized Striped Tee

Zara Sale Picks | SS15

As the sales have been going on for a week or two now most seem to have started fizzling out, with only the unwanted items and the awkward sizes left behind to grab. However, though slightly biased as it's one of my favourite shops, I think that Zara's sales are some of the best on the UK high street. As their items are already good value for money, when prices are discounted during the sale season you can pick up some amazing bargains and there always seems to be good items left even towards the end unlike in other retailers. I've been into my local store a couple of times recently and on one occasion I spotted so many items on sale I was having a tough decision choosing what to buy. Because of this, I thought I would share with you some of my picks from Zara's online sale.

My Makeup Staples

When I do my makeup in the mornings there are certain products which I use almost every day, absolutely love, and constantly repurchase when they run out. These are my fail-safe products which I have tried and tested hundreds of times and work really well for me. I like to call them my makeup staples as they form the basis of my everyday makeup look and then I can add in the other products which I like to change up depending on how I feel. I haven't included any blushers/bronzers, eyeshadows or lipsticks as these tend to be the products which I do like to change and I simply couldn't pick one staple but I may do a separate post on my favourites from each of those categories in the future.