Interning at London Fashion Week SS16

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram may know that I was interning throughout London Fashion Week this season. Now that those 5 hectic but amazing days are over, I thought that I would blog about my time to give more insight to anyone who is thinking of doing it in the future or is just interested to know what it involves. 

First things first, I found my internship through the website Fashion Workie and it was with a fashion and beauty PR agency called POP PR. Two weeks prior to LFW I went to London for a briefing at their office (along with around 10 other interns) to be given all the details that I'd need to know before starting. Some people didn't attend this and I don't think it is 100% necessary if you can't make it, but in my opinion it's nice to put a face to a name prior to starting and it definitely reassured me and calmed my nerves.

Soon LFW was upon us and I was ready to begin my internship. I had to wear all-black (kind of a blessing in disguise as it meant I didn't have to think of a great outfit each day) and arrive 2 hours before the start time of each show. Typical tasks that I did as soon as we arrived included taking rails of clothing backstage and placing press releases/magazines/leaflets on all of the seats in the venue, making sure it was set up correctly. As there were many interns plus actual staff, these jobs got done relatively quickly so there were times that we spent feeling like spare parts, but this unsureness soon disappeared after the first day once everything became more familiar.

New York Fashion Week Favourites: SS16

As September arrives and the various fashion weeks around the world begin, I seem to spend more time glued to Instagram or Vogue's website to see what new looks have hit the catwalk for Spring/Summer. This year I decided that I would add all of the looks that I love to my Pinterest board dedicated to catwalk fashion (see here), but I also wanted to share some in a blog post too. So here we have, in no particular order, my favourite shows from New York Fashion Week!

Gothic and glamorous monochrome designs with lots of silk and lace means that this collection is right up my street. I love how the different textures are used, adding more interest and edge to the pieces.
With design details (e.g. ruffles, fraying, and cut-outs) that make the garments look incredibly flattering, Jason Wu's SS16 collection defines modern glamour and sophistication. Naturally, my favourite looks are the black and white ones but there were also some gorgeous pink and green pieces that are worth a mention.

September Wishlist

September is well and truly upon us and although it's thought of by many as the dreaded back to school/college/uni month, I have personally been quite looking forward to it. It may mark the end of summer but that means it's time to start shopping for the new season, which just happens to be my favourite to dress for. If you're like me and read the September issue of your favourite fashion magazine last month then I'm sure you're excited too - I actually picked up 5 September issues of different magazines, that's how much I love Autumn/Winter. 

Visit the stores and you'll be confronted by lots of suede, knitwear, and autumnal colours (let's just ignore the sale rack in the corner offering about 30 pairs of white jeans) to die for, hence why I was inspired to make this wishlist as if I didn't own enough A/W pieces already. 

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Labradorable, £21 - I spotted this lipstick at my local MAC counter and loved it. I'm a sucker for a deep lip colour and can't wait to get back wearing them throughout the colder months. What I specifically liked about this one is that it isn't matte for a change, but has more of a glossy balm-like finish which looks really pretty and would stop lips from drying out.

Topshop Bardot Heeled Ankle Boots, £45 - No A/W wardrobe is complete without a pair of black ankle boots and a new season calls for a new pair. I love that these have a slight heel and a pointed toe - they remind me of something by Acne but for a fraction of the price. 

Print Advertisements: Are They Still Relevant?

As a Fashion Management/Marketing student being up-to-date with current promotional strategies is important for me, so after reading an article on the Business of Fashion website which posed the question "is the purpose of a campaign now likes and shares rather than a lasting beautiful, printed image by a top photographer and an association with a respected title?" (Stoppard, 2015) I was inspired to write a blog post about whether or not I still believe print advertisements are relevant. 

With the rise of social media and fashion bloggers, it's true that getting the right person to star in your ad campaign or promote your product on their Instagram account is highly likely to boost brand awareness instantly due to mass sharing on the Internet, but does this mean that the gorgeous images we see when we flick through glossy magazines are no longer needed? 

As I highlighted in a previous post of mine, I still believe magazines are influential in the fashion industry but perhaps in a different way than they were years ago. Each month I become excited to get latest issue of my favourite fashion magazines and flick through the hundreds of pages of greatness and since studying fashion I find the advertisements even more appealing than before. However, what these advertisements don't do is urge me to go and purchase from the brand, like seeing their product online might. I simply just appreciate them from an aesthetic point of view - this doesn't mean that they aren't working effectively in a promotional way though. As a student, it is clear that I cannot afford to be purchasing from the majority of brands which advertise in high profile magazines but even so my awareness of the brand becomes increased and also the desirability of the brand. I mean, we can all appreciate an image which presents a lifestyle or persona that we can aspire to, even if it is unachievable for most.