Facetox Detoxifying Facemask Review

Long time, no blog. Let's be real, I could start every blog post with that phrase but I actually have a number of valid excuses lately. In short: at the end of my summer break in September I started interning with Temperley London again for a month then a few days after returning from Paris with them I went straight back to begin my final year at university, which I had already missed a week of. As you can imagine, it's taken a lot of caffeine for me to keep up lately. I was warned final year would be intense and so far it's lived up to it's expectations - I've cried actual tears which is highly unusual for me. The amount of spare time I get is minimal and in my current state I like to spend it either making money or sleeping, so blogging has been at the back of my mind. I've missed it though and today I'm back with a post about skincare which nicely ties in with the backstory I've just shared. 

My skin hasn't been looking great lately. During my internship numerous late nights resulted in a lot of make up wipes rather than the proper cleansing my skin is used to. Since, I've managed to maintain my skincare routine but stress seems to be getting the better of me and I have experienced clogged pores and the occasional minor breakout. At times like this I'm always looking for facemasks which will detoxify my skin and give it the extra attention it needs, plus they're extremely relaxing to do on a Sunday evening after a busy week.

New York Fashion Week Favourites: SS17

I genuinely can't believe it's that time of year again where the various fashion weeks are upon us - well, now they're nearly over since I'm so late posting this but hey... It feels like only yesterday I was trawling through images from the SS16 catwalks for my uni assignment and here I am now obsessing over SS17. For a girl who loves Autumn/Winter fashion, I sure have been converted to loving Spring collections these past few seasons - and this one is no different. Here we have my favourites from New York's runways:

A long-time favourite of mine, Marissa Webb's collections are the epitome of wearable fashion for the modern woman. This season her selection of textures, prints and colours worked harmoniously with darker jackets toughening up silk and lace while brights contrasted with pure white. Tie-up waists seen on skirts and trousers (the leather options are my personal favourites) and ruffles provided the most flattering silhouettes. Not forgetting to mention how pretty the make up look was, too. Webb continues to impress me season after season. 

Cushnie et Ochs's SS17 collection didn't sway from their signature style that I love, consisting of easy evening dresses and wide leg trouser and crop top combos. If you don't like the cut-out or cold shoulder trend this isn't one for you, but the garment shapes which nod towards the 70s are what attract me to this collection. The looks appear feminine, effortless and breezy yet still glamorous. One of my favourite pieces is the pink jumpsuit but there are many other red-carpet worthy contenders too.

Recent Beauty Buys

I received a late birthday present from my auntie and thought I would share it with you along with a recent beauty purchase I made as the products were too pretty that it would be a crime not to photograph them. I haven't purchased any make up myself for a while as I've tried to cut down and use up the products I already own first, instead focusing more on skincare as I'm desperate to find a routine that suits me, but it's always nice to receive make up as a gift.

My Thoughts on Having Shorter Hair

My hair has become a bit of a conversation starter lately. To me, it comes as a shock since I don't make a huge effort with it or anything. However, I do feel like I've found my signature hairstyle since cutting it shorter and perhaps that's why it's the first thing people notice, especially when they haven't seen me for a while. As short hair seems to be a bit of a thing at the moment (just search 'long bob' Pinterest for evidence) I thought I'd write about my experience with it. 

Mermaid-ing Around in London

When you come across a giant shell at the V&A museum you can't help thinking it would be the perfect photo opportunity. You know the drill, pretending to be a mermaid for an Instagram photo and the like. I thought I would share the photos from my day here too as I had a fab time catching up with a couple of my friends from uni after 2 months apart. 

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Review

Picture this: I am sat outside Sephora in Paris waiting patiently for it to open, having never visited before. Ok, perhaps not so patiently when the doors didn't open at exactly 10am. First through the doors, I didn't hesitate to pick up a basket and instantly became enthralled by the store and all it's make-up glory. I've longed to visit Sephora for a while now but never quite anticipated it to be that good. Though it's easy to get carried away, I thoroughly enjoyed the shopping experience which lacked all of the pushy and often intimidating sales assistants commonly found on beauty counters in the UK, instead allowing you to access individual counters and try/pick up products on your own without any assistance. 

After filling my basket with Sephora own-brands items I found myself at the By Terry counter. I had heard of the Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks before (they are available in the UK and highly popular) but was never tempted to purchase mainly due to the hefty price tag. After swatching multiple colours on my hand, though, I was instantly sold and had to treat myself.

Paris Photo Diary // June 2016

Those who read my last post or follow me on social media will know I recently went to Paris as part of my internship with Temperley. It was my first time visiting the city and we stayed for 7 nights in the 2nd arrondissement. I was working long hours everyday but I managed to squeeze in some sightseeing during the evenings - I wasn't going to waste any spare time I had. It's difficult to regain energy after a day of working but a quick outfit change is all it took for me to feel ready to take on the evenings. It's easy enough to get past the afternoon crash that people often experience when you have a beautiful city at your feet to explore. 

I didn't plan for the trip as I didn't know how much free time I would have but there was certain sights I wanted to see and places I wanted to go. I still have a long list to check off for future visits - I mean, I didn't even go down the Champs-Élysées and I'm a massive shopper. Because of this, I didn't want to do your typical 'travel guide' post but instead more of a photo diary showing you snippets of what I got up to when I was there to provide some inspiration.

Interning with Temperley London & Tips for Interning

I realise that I haven't blogged for a month. I also realise that my posts start like this all too often lately. This time, however, the reasoning behind it is pretty exciting, so do forgive me. 

For the past four weeks I have been interning with the wholesale team at Temperley London in their Mayfair office. I've had such an incredible time but I've also been super busy, hence the blogging hiatus. Many of my friends have been interested to hear about my internship, even those who aren't pursuing a career in fashion much to my surprise, so I thought that blog readers would be interested too, especially since I often talk about university and my career aspirations in posts. To save you from needing multiple tea breaks while reading this, I've decided to answer the questions people have most frequently asked to keep it as succinct as possible. 

How did you find and apply for the internship? 
In the fashion industry, experience is key. As soon as I was nearing the end of the academic year, I began searching for summer internships. I get a super long summer (and by that I mean 4 months - yes really) and I can't stand not being busy, so finding an internship was made even more of a priority for me. The website I primarily use is Fashion Workie as it's updated regularly and seems to list just about every fashion job vacancy there is. As soon as the prospect of summer started looming I practically stalked the site daily and saved any listings that I wanted to apply for, before sending my CV and cover letter to them. You may find yourself applying for a lot and it can be tiring writing countless cover letters but it's important to stay motivated and focused.

YSL Touche Éclat Review

The YSL Touche Éclat concealer/highlighting pen hybrid is an iconic product in the beauty world. Despite hearing much about it over the past few years, it is only recently that I made the purchase. Why it took me so long? I don't know, but I'm thankful that YSL had 10% off that day otherwise this now-staple product of mine still wouldn't be in my make up bag. 

The Liebster Award

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by my friend Aya, whose post you can find here, which is an award that gives recognition to bloggers with under 1000 followers, allowing you to discover new blogs. 

The rules for the award are: 
- Thank the blogger who nominated you - thank you Aya! 
- Answer the 11 questions you've been asked 
- Create your own 11 questions and nominate 11 bloggers

1. What are your three key fashion pieces? 

At the moment I would say my key pieces are my mustard yellow leather jacket which adds a great pop of colour to any outfit, my cross-body chain bag from Zara (blog post can be found here) and my denim skirt. 

2. What is your favourite coffee table book? 

This is such a difficult one for me as I have so many but I'm going to go with 'How to be Parisian: Wherever You Are' or 'Love x Style x Life'. 

3. What blog post are you most proud of? 

I think it would have to be my various fashion week favourites posts as they take a lot of effort but I really enjoy doing them because I am absolutely obsessed with stalking images from catwalk shows and sharing my opinions on the collections. You can find my most recent one here

My Magazine Subscriptions

I am an avid magazine reader. If I didn't limit myself, I would probably buy about 10 per month and make myself completely broke. I don't know what exactly it is about those glossy pages that enthrals me  so much but I have loved them since a young age, so I thought I'd share which magazines I get delivered to my door monthly. 

#1 is an obvious but necessary choice, the iconic Vogue. I remember flicking through Vogue when I was younger, not fully understanding the articles but enjoying the imagery and tearing out pages to stick on my bedroom walls nonetheless. The fact that it celebrated it's 100th birthday this year is enough to testify to the greatness of the magazine - seeing some of the first issues at the Vogue 100 exhibition was incredible. The articles are immaculately written and the editorials don't ever stray from being interesting. Vogue, for me, never fails at providing the latest on trending fashions, cultures and lifestyles.

My Second Year at University

After handing in last week, on 10th May, I officially finished my second year of university. As cliché as it sounds, it feels like not so long ago I was in the same position writing a blog post summarising my first year (you can find it here) and now, unbelievably, here I am again for round two. I'm going to attempt to be as concise as possible with this, but grab yourself a coffee and be prepared for a slightly wordy post... 

For those of you who haven't read my blog for long or don't follow me on social media, I study BA (Hons) Fashion Management. At the end of my first year, I had to choose whether to specialise in Management or Marketing and as there seems to be confusion around the difference between the two - I still get a multitude of questions about what it is I actually do, every fashion student will understand - hopefully this post will clear that up for those interested in studying something similar.

In comparison to Fashion Marketing, Fashion Management still retains some creative aspects but focuses on the behind-the-scenes business side of fashion that many consumers don't know much about, particularly the roles of Buyer, Merchandiser and Trend Forecaster. During semester one, I studied one core module alongside an option module of my choice. Product Management: Buying & Merchandising is one my favourite modules that I've studied since I'm interested in a career within buying in the future. The assignment brief was centred around researching a 'macro trend' currently affecting wider society, examining how this affected fashion trends for SS16 and ultimately translating this into a new product range for Topshop/Topman. I chose to develop a new workwear range for women, influenced by feminism and the fusion of masculine and feminine styles seen on the SS16 catwalks. This module involved group work, verbal and visual presentations and a lot of research as well as creating moodboards to visualise colours/shapes/fabrics for the collection and subject-specific skills, like creating a full range plan with merchandising elements. Upon completing the module, we were also able to display our work to the public in an exhibition which was very rewarding.

Uni Days

Midi Skirt Styling

The midi skirt is an item of clothing I've always admired on other people, both in person and in street style images, yet I have always struggled with finding the perfect one for me. My main concerns are 1) I feel as though the style makes my legs look short because I'm not used to the longer length and 2) I don't know how I'd style one. I found a solution for concern number 1 when I tried on this midi skirt from Zara - a slit in the leg is definitely the way forward for me - and consequently purchased it, but to solve concern number 2 I decided to head to Pinterest (as always) for some inspiration on how to style the new addition to my wardrobe. Here is what I found:
Images from Pinterest

New Bond Street

London Fashion Week Favourites: AW16

As I didn't intern at or attend London Fashion Week this season but instead sat feeling envious as I watched the Snapchat stories and Instagram videos of those sat on the front row of various different catwalks, I thought I'd do a blog post like my last, showing my favourite collections from LFW AW16. Although I feel like there isn't much newness emerging this season so far (I have been underwhelmed by certain designers who I expected more from), LFW usually sees more risk-taking than NYFW and it certainly didn't disappoint. You can always count on London for the weird and wonderful, am I right? Here is my take on what that 'wonderful' is this season:

The overall essence of Eudon Choi's AW16 offering is very modern, thanks to the colour blocking and sharp tailoring. Silhouettes are more crisp and fitted than the designers SS16 collection yet not uninteresting, with trousers slit from just below the knee downwards creating a unique shape when walking. Though I usually avoid pastel colours, the pairing of pale purple and pink with navy blue works well and adds lightness to the dark hues commonly worn in autumn/winter. Apart from the random addition of a green print and a camel two-piece (which admittedly is gorgeous), the collection is consistent and sophisticated.

New York Fashion Week Favourites: AW16

The collections shown at New York Fashion Week are always amongst my all-time favourites. Don't get me wrong, you'll still catch me scrolling through the images of the various catwalks from London, Paris and Milan too, but the effortlessly chic (yet never without a unique twist) New York style is right up my street. What a dream it would be to attend one day. For now, though, I thought I would share my favourite AW16 collections from NYFW as I did for SS16. 

I loved Marissa Webb's SS16 collection and it's safe to say she's succeeded again. Layering done to perfection and a selection of wearable prints topped off with black knee-high or ankle boots. My ultimate Autumn/Winter wardrobe dream - if only I could afford to purchase all of it!

The Chain Bag

Handbags are an item that I could easily buy way too many of - I'm just obsessed - but my willpower remains (kind of) strong meaning my collection mainly consists of what I consider essentials. Ok, maybe a few aren't exactly essential. However, when I was shopping the January sales recently I broke my unofficial ban on buying handbags as I came across one that I thought I undoubtedly needed: a cross-body chain bag. 

I'm a huge fan of Sammi from Samantha Maria and think her style is absolutely spot on and this purchase was definitely influenced by her as she has been wearing chain bags a lot lately and they seem to just finish off her outfits perfectly. I usually carry a much larger bag, especially on a daily basis when I'm attending uni, but I really fell for this Zara 'tweed messenger bag' (similar here and here) as soon as I saw it.

New In: Bobbi Brown, MAC, & Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

Over the past couple of months I have accumulated some new makeup items, mainly Christmas gifts, which I have been using recently and wanted to share with you today. It's no lie that I love makeup but I haven't been buying much for myself lately as I am happy with the products I'm currently using and feel as though I own slightly too many. Despite that, I'm always grateful to unwrap a Charlotte Tilbury box or two (who wouldn't be?) and I am head over heels for some of my new items. 

You will know that I was previously using the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation by Bobbi Brown if you have read my previous posts and saw my review, however I decided to try a different one because I really hated the packaging and the dropper applicator. The ladies at my nearest Bobbi Brown counter are always so nice and helpful and they recommended the Moisture Rich Foundation. I really loved the formula of my previous foundation and wanted something which was similar in consistency and finish. I've been using this for around 3 weeks now and although I don't love it quite as much, it is very similar and just happens to be slightly cheaper with better packaging too.

Current Style Inspiration

After over 2 months of not blogging I'm finally back with my first post of 2016! My break wasn't intentionally super-long but you know how it is when everything catches up with you as the year comes to an end (especially uni assignments), so I do apologise for that but I now intend on regularly posting once again.

Despite not blogging, I haven't abandoned all of my online fashion activity. I've mainly been using Pinterest, pinning a LOT of street style inspiration, which I thought I'd share with you today. Don't worry, I haven't gone all "new year, new me" as I think my style identity is pretty deeply ingrained, but I do want to give my wardrobe a little update after clearing it out earlier this week. So, without further ado, here are some of the looks that have been inspiring me lately.