Paris Photo Diary // June 2016

Those who read my last post or follow me on social media will know I recently went to Paris as part of my internship with Temperley. It was my first time visiting the city and we stayed for 7 nights in the 2nd arrondissement. I was working long hours everyday but I managed to squeeze in some sightseeing during the evenings - I wasn't going to waste any spare time I had. It's difficult to regain energy after a day of working but a quick outfit change is all it took for me to feel ready to take on the evenings. It's easy enough to get past the afternoon crash that people often experience when you have a beautiful city at your feet to explore. 

I didn't plan for the trip as I didn't know how much free time I would have but there was certain sights I wanted to see and places I wanted to go. I still have a long list to check off for future visits - I mean, I didn't even go down the Champs-Élysées and I'm a massive shopper. Because of this, I didn't want to do your typical 'travel guide' post but instead more of a photo diary showing you snippets of what I got up to when I was there to provide some inspiration.

Interning with Temperley London & Tips for Interning

I realise that I haven't blogged for a month. I also realise that my posts start like this all too often lately. This time, however, the reasoning behind it is pretty exciting, so do forgive me. 

For the past four weeks I have been interning with the wholesale team at Temperley London in their Mayfair office. I've had such an incredible time but I've also been super busy, hence the blogging hiatus. Many of my friends have been interested to hear about my internship, even those who aren't pursuing a career in fashion much to my surprise, so I thought that blog readers would be interested too, especially since I often talk about university and my career aspirations in posts. To save you from needing multiple tea breaks while reading this, I've decided to answer the questions people have most frequently asked to keep it as succinct as possible. 

How did you find and apply for the internship? 
In the fashion industry, experience is key. As soon as I was nearing the end of the academic year, I began searching for summer internships. I get a super long summer (and by that I mean 4 months - yes really) and I can't stand not being busy, so finding an internship was made even more of a priority for me. The website I primarily use is Fashion Workie as it's updated regularly and seems to list just about every fashion job vacancy there is. As soon as the prospect of summer started looming I practically stalked the site daily and saved any listings that I wanted to apply for, before sending my CV and cover letter to them. You may find yourself applying for a lot and it can be tiring writing countless cover letters but it's important to stay motivated and focused.