Recent Beauty Buys

I received a late birthday present from my auntie and thought I would share it with you along with a recent beauty purchase I made as the products were too pretty that it would be a crime not to photograph them. I haven't purchased any make up myself for a while as I've tried to cut down and use up the products I already own first, instead focusing more on skincare as I'm desperate to find a routine that suits me, but it's always nice to receive make up as a gift.

My Thoughts on Having Shorter Hair

My hair has become a bit of a conversation starter lately. To me, it comes as a shock since I don't make a huge effort with it or anything. However, I do feel like I've found my signature hairstyle since cutting it shorter and perhaps that's why it's the first thing people notice, especially when they haven't seen me for a while. As short hair seems to be a bit of a thing at the moment (just search 'long bob' Pinterest for evidence) I thought I'd write about my experience with it. 

Mermaid-ing Around in London

When you come across a giant shell at the V&A museum you can't help thinking it would be the perfect photo opportunity. You know the drill, pretending to be a mermaid for an Instagram photo and the like. I thought I would share the photos from my day here too as I had a fab time catching up with a couple of my friends from uni after 2 months apart. 

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Review

Picture this: I am sat outside Sephora in Paris waiting patiently for it to open, having never visited before. Ok, perhaps not so patiently when the doors didn't open at exactly 10am. First through the doors, I didn't hesitate to pick up a basket and instantly became enthralled by the store and all it's make-up glory. I've longed to visit Sephora for a while now but never quite anticipated it to be that good. Though it's easy to get carried away, I thoroughly enjoyed the shopping experience which lacked all of the pushy and often intimidating sales assistants commonly found on beauty counters in the UK, instead allowing you to access individual counters and try/pick up products on your own without any assistance. 

After filling my basket with Sephora own-brands items I found myself at the By Terry counter. I had heard of the Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks before (they are available in the UK and highly popular) but was never tempted to purchase mainly due to the hefty price tag. After swatching multiple colours on my hand, though, I was instantly sold and had to treat myself.