London Fashion Week Favourites: AW17

It's become more and more evident over the years that I am more of a New York Fashion Week kind of girl in comparison to London. It's not that I dislike the London collections, I love the amount of innovation and creativity involved and some of the designers who show on schedule are among my favourites, but I feel like the collections shown in New York generally resonate with my personal style more strongly. I try to narrow my fashion week favourites posts down to collections that really enchant and excite me upon first look, otherwise I would be here for hours listing those that I simply liked, and it is much easier for me to do so with London Fashion Week. So, without further ado these are the few AW17 collections that stood out to me:

The Daks AW17 collection fuses strong menswear influences with pretty florals and delicate lace. Tailoring to suit anybody's preference, there was a variety of pinstripes, herringbone and check print which look great co-ordinated or mix-and-matched. As someone who loves to incorporate typically masculine and feminine elements into my outfits, this collection is right up my street. Though I think the ties are a little too far for me personally, it's nice to see more workwear-appropriate collections on the catwalk for women who are sick of the often-boring options on the high street and seek some fashionable inspiration.

New York Fashion Week Favourites: AW17

February, one of my favourite months of the year where the Autumn/Winter collections get sent down the runway and I stop longing for Spring and wish the winter months would last a little longer so I can trial some of the latest trends. Kicking off with New York, here I am again discussing my favourite collections from my favourite fashion week - this season I am pleasantly surprised to see some different contenders making the cut:

C I N Q   À  S E P T
I hadn't heard of contemporary brand Cinq à Sept before but after seeing snippets of show on Danielle from @weworewhat's Instagram story I had to check out the entire AW17 collection and I shortly became obsessed. Numerous trends that I really love are incorporated, namely ruffles and velvet - in THE most dreamy pink shade. Each look stands out but the collection isn't overtly maximalist, with expertly executed layering, feminine silhouettes and wearable prints. I also have to give a special mention to the socks and heels pairing which I'm not usually taken by, but it just works.

My Hopes for 2017

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I'm not really one for New Year's resolutions. I've never thought much of the idea of setting goals for the upcoming year which are often forgotten about by the end of January but like everyone I do reflect on what I've achieved in the year that's passed. 2016 was a good year but 2017 promises to be a pretty major one for me. Rather than making resolutions I decided to write a list of what I hope to have achieved in 2017 and open it this time next year to see how many goals I accomplished - if I don't lose it, that is. I don't want to share the whole list at present, but I thought I would briefly talk through some of my hopes and plans for this year and perhaps inspire others looking to do something similar. 

2017 is the year that I will graduate after 3 years of studying Fashion Management. The years have flown past and I can't believe I will shortly begin my Final Major Project then my time at university will be over come summer. Those who know me well know how conscientious I am and therefore how important it is to me to work hard over these next few months to achieve the outcome I want regarding my degree. 

Closely linked to my previous point, I am currently beginning to look for employment upon finishing university. I would love to find a job within branded womenswear buying or luxury wholesale in 2017 and am focused on putting my all into every job application. I'm not ruling out doing more internships but it would be amazing to get a paid full-time job once I graduate, which would also most likely mean moving out - two exciting prospects for the new year. It's a tough process but remaining optimistic and determined is definitely key. 

Facetox Detoxifying Facemask Review

Long time, no blog. Let's be real, I could start every blog post with that phrase but I actually have a number of valid excuses lately. In short: at the end of my summer break in September I started interning with Temperley London again for a month then a few days after returning from Paris with them I went straight back to begin my final year at university, which I had already missed a week of. As you can imagine, it's taken a lot of caffeine for me to keep up lately. I was warned final year would be intense and so far it's lived up to it's expectations - I've cried actual tears which is highly unusual for me. The amount of spare time I get is minimal and in my current state I like to spend it either making money or sleeping, so blogging has been at the back of my mind. I've missed it though and today I'm back with a post about skincare which nicely ties in with the backstory I've just shared. 

My skin hasn't been looking great lately. During my internship numerous late nights resulted in a lot of make up wipes rather than the proper cleansing my skin is used to. Since, I've managed to maintain my skincare routine but stress seems to be getting the better of me and I have experienced clogged pores and the occasional minor breakout. At times like this I'm always looking for facemasks which will detoxify my skin and give it the extra attention it needs, plus they're extremely relaxing to do on a Sunday evening after a busy week.