Trend Watch: Burgundy

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As I've mentioned plenty of times before, Autumn/Winter is my favourite season to dress for. I love all of the different textures and the deeper, darker colour palettes that are seen in all of the stores. One colour that I've particularly been loving this season is burgundy, it's a classic shade but makes a nice change from the usual black or grey that people so often tend to wear at this time of year. It's such an easy way to add colour to your wardrobe because it's so versatile and not too in your face - even those who tend to stick to monochrome outfits can easily incorporate it. I also love how it looks great in so many different materials, from leather to velvet, as well as on different products - whether it's a coat or a pair of shoes. I feel like it really embodies Autumn and looks so cosy, especially when layered, meaning it's grown to be a staple colour of mine when shopping for the colder months. For these reasons, I thought I'd provide a little bit of styling inspiration as well as putting together my picks of some gorgeous burgundy pieces that are currently on offer on the high street.